Thanks to our years of experience in enterprise software development, we are also well positioned in traditional software development despite our focus on data-driven optimization and intelligent systems, and are not dependent on other service providers. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our systems with existing applications. By connecting and further developing existing CRM, store and content management, and ERP systems, our optimizations can take full effect.

Use Case 1:

Recommendations in the Online Shop

Use Case 1: Recommendations in the online store

The best product recommendations of an intelligent system do not add any value if the appropriate end customer does not see them or sees them only inadequately. Therefore, it is essential to present the data in an appealing way and in the right places in your online store. We help with the development of individual integrations into your existing systems. They benefit doubly from this connection, because it also makes it possible to feed the artificial intelligence with additional data about user behavior and consequently to make even better recommendations.

Use Case 2:

Recommendations for action in the CRM system

Use Case 2: Recommendations for action in the CRM system

Artificial intelligence that recommends actions for salespeople can be integrated into a CRM system to seamlessly integrate into employees’ daily lives, eliminating the need for another tool with new credentials and corresponding maintenance. As a result, the new system is accepted more quickly by the employee and he is more likely to recognize the benefits for himself. Furthermore, data can be exchanged more easily via interfaces and the employee has the possibility to give feedback to the system, from which it can learn even faster.

Use Case 3:

Enterprise Software Development

Use Case 3: Enterprise software development

In addition to extending existing systems, we are of course also able to design and implement entirely new applications for you from scratch and then maintain them for you. This allows us to develop targeted interfaces from the outset and take into account the tailored integration of our other services. For example, we have extensive experience in the development of enterprise resource planning systems, real estate management and community platforms.

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