Thanks to our years of experience in enterprise software development, we are also well positioned in traditional software development despite our focus on data-driven optimization and intelligent systems, and are not dependent on other service providers. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our systems with existing applications. By connecting and further developing existing CRM, store, content management and ERP systems, our optimizations can take full effect.

Use Case 1: Data engineering

Before we can tackle exciting AI & data science use cases, the first challenge is often to make the data technically available in good quality.

Ailio has the necessary expertise to build highly scalable data pipelines and messaging systems. We use the latest technology in the Azure Cloud with Kubernetes and Kafka as well as various ETL frameworks.

Together, we develop a future-oriented data architecture and implement the necessary technical requirements.

Use Case 2: Cloud engineering

As a Microsoft partner, we are experts in the Azure cloud. Our Ailionauts have project experience & certifications in a variety of Azure services.

As part of major projects, we have also been able to build up references in the areas of AWS and GCP, which round off our cloud expertise.

Our architecture & cloud engineering team is able to implement scalable, secure and reliable cloud infrastructures for your project while keeping an eye on costs and energy efficiency.

Use Case 3: Enterprise software development

In addition to extending existing systems, we are of course also able to design and implement entirely new applications for you from scratch and then maintain them for you. This allows us to develop targeted interfaces from the outset and take into account the tailored integration of our other services. For example, we have extensive experience in the development of enterprise resource planning systems, real estate management and community platforms.

Use Case 4: REST-API Development

Good data science and AI solutions usually include scalable and secure REST-API interfaces to exchange data and instructions with the outside world and other internal services.

For greenfield projects, our architects generally rely on a micro-service architecture and have extensive experience in migrating from monoliths to modern software design.

Our REST-API interfaces are documented via Swagger and meet state-of-the-art scaling and security requirements.

Consulting & implementation from a single source