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Data Science

Looking at data makes it possible to discover a company’s own advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors and then place these in the focus of important decisions. For successful companies, it is essential to keep an eye on all KPIs and to react quickly to their changes as well as to recognize the optimization potential in them. The following three use cases are approaches from our everyday lives that can be used to achieve this.

Use Case 1:

Classic Business Intelligence

Use Case 1: Classic Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the systematic analysis of all business processes. We help you here by revealing the potential for targeted data collection and analysis in your company and ensuring technical implementation.

By collecting new data and refreshing old processes, we provide holistic and data-driven insight into your business. This enables decisions to be made on the basis of facts and figures that create added value.

Use Case 2:


Use Case 2: Dashboard

We create a dashboard tailored to you, where you can monitor all the company’s operations and KPIs in real time and react immediately to both positive and negative developments. If required, customizations tailored to your company can also be implemented, including alerts for particularly important developments.

For example, if your close rate falls below average, you can react immediately rather than days later. This gives you a much better chance of identifying the cause. Another example would be the reinforcement of positive developments and trends through additional marketing budget.

Use Case 3:

Predictive analysis

Use Case 3: Predictive analysis

In order to be able to make practicable and forward-looking statements on business development, models must be developed on the basis of existing data to support these predictions. Otherwise, these predictions are just a glimpse into the crystal ball. Companies with investors are particularly dependent on making assumptions that are as realistic as possible.

In doing so, we support your company by casting your domain-specific expert knowledge into scientific models.

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