Automation spans many application areas and offers immense scope for any company. The following are some real world examples explained to give an idea of what opportunities are available and how your company can benefit from them.

Use Case 1: Production / Production

Image/video and audio recognition as well as intelligent data processing can be used to automatically detect production errors during the manufacture of products in many scenarios.

This reduces manual checks to a minimum. As a result, dependence on human expertise decreases, resources are freed up, and the error rate falls. This ensures extensive and flexible scaling of production.

Use Case 2: Customer advisory service

By establishing a connection between product and customer data and their behavior, an intelligent system can make tailored recommendations for action and products.

In this way, customer advice can be automated and improved, as the system learns and understands new contexts with every customer and every process. Moreover, unlike experienced employees, for example, this know-how carrier will not be lost to you over the years. But it’s not just consulting that can be automated; support requests and customer processes that would otherwise rely on the manual help of an employee can also be automated.

Use Case 3: Resource planning

Whether it’s staff scheduling, warehouse management, vehicle fleet or the like – every company must carefully plan the use of its resources. Often, this process is laborious, error-prone, and relies on very specialized staff knowledge, especially for scaled scenarios. However, all of these scenarios generate extensive amounts of data. Whether it’s the optimal deployment of employees in shift systems, ordering quantities of goods and production materials that are precisely tailored to requirements, or the use of in-house vehicles, you can take advantage of this database.

With our help, create fully digitized process chains that not only function more reliably, but also more efficiently.

Use Case 4: Individual solutions

Ailio specializes in individual solutions. In a joint workshop, we can discover use cases for automation in all areas of the company. This includes service, finance, logistics, processing, sales, customer care and much more. On average, companies that adapt data science and artificial intelligence achieve a 10% to 25% increase in efficiency for the respective business unit.

In our success stories, we show some examples with concrete project facts. For example, we were able to automate the creation of cost estimates in an industrial company and develop an intelligent assistance system for repairing appliances.

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