This is us

Ailio started over 8 years ago as a software forge and has since implemented innovative software projects for customers of all sizes.

Since 2017, the specialization in data-driven business models with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence has increasingly intensified.

We are a steadily growing, owner-managed company that is always at its customers’ side as a trusted partner when it comes to automation, digitalization and process optimization .

Our mission

We show SMEs that artificial intelligence and data science are not rocket science and unleash the untapped potential of data together!

Aleksander Fegel


Marc Scholz

Project Manager

Bryan White


Daniel Brokmeier

Head of New Business Development

Dr. David Geisel

Data Scientist

Janis Gösser

Senior Consultant Data & Tech

Julien Marteen Akay

Data Scientist

Aemilia grove

Head of Data Science

Fabius Doelling

Fullstack Developer

Daria Zaluski

Data Scientist