Provocative marketing – 5 examples

In these times of the new, often digital economy, good product placement and an excellent web presence are essential. Through them, new customers become aware of companies and products, first impressions and associations with brands are created, which can ultimately be used profitably.

But in a crowded market with many different competitors, it is becoming increasingly difficult to present your own product or brand to the public. And where is the line between ethically justifiable provocation and immorality?

The following article presents 5 examples of diverse, provocative and humorous marketing strategies:

Car rental SIXT

What is the car from the competition doing here? – Rent from SIXT, don’t drive a cucumber!”

The car rental company advertises its service in a humorous way and uses the colloquial term “cucumber” for the seemingly old and rickety vehicles of its competitors. Due to the actual giant cucumber, the whole saying is very successful and a real eye-catcher, which makes you grin and illuminates the company in a casual, strange-worthy light.

SIXT is also known for its amusing commercials on TV, which sometimes feature an employee in a snail costume.
“surreptitious advertising.” You can find said commercial here.

An absolutely thoughtful and humorous marketing system. 5/5 Creativity Points!


SUCKIT – The ice that pops! From now on, it’s not just sucking in the back room!”

The young start-up SUCKIT became known mainly through its massive campaign on Facebook, which was actively supported by celebrities.
was supported, e.g.: Joko and Klaas, and the band 257er. Produced is simply water ice, with alcohol!

However, most people will remember the brand’s provocative slogans above all. Among other things, the “Rum Orange” variety is advertised with the slogan: “Suck rum instead of hanging out!” A wonderfully successful, ambiguous play on words, aimed primarily at young buyers and those young at heart.

Even on the company’s homepage, there is no shortage of jokes and light-hearted sayings. For example, the imprint states freely: “We can be reached by phone from 9:00-18:00, unless we are drunk.” This degree of directness may seem dubious to some, but the fact is that it works. SUCKIT stands can now be found at many large fairs/festivals and the products can be found in large supermarkets such as EDEKA, WEZ, as well as gas station chains such as ARAL. A modern, appealing concept!

EDEKA #come home

On November 28 of 2015, EDEKA released a commercial called “EDEKA Christmas Clip – #homecoming”.

Unlike the company’s usual humorous short films, this one deals with the themes of loneliness and the transience of life. At the end of the video, only the logo of the group is shown briefly, even the slogan “We love food” does not appear.

Meanwhile, the video has an incredible 56 million views and has been commented on over 12,000 times. It does not promote a product, not the company, but it touches the emotions of customers. The video was also shared on many social media platforms, gaining even greater reach.

EDEKA made a conscious decision to draw attention to a problem in society and to attribute the resulting popularity to the company. Even today, the “hashtag #homecoming” is used in Christmas photos on social platforms and creates new connections with the Group.

The comments are very positive, with talk of “deep touch”, “most beautiful commercial” and even “the best commercial” ever on YouTube. A really wonderful idea from the marketing department, which at the same time is a socially relevant and
problematic topic and makes the EDEKA brand known and popular through the many impressions.

You can find the original commercialhere .

EasyJet – Airline

Image of the original Facebook post of the EasyJet company from 06.04.2017

Political correctness, debates about refugee policy, as well as right-wing populism are red-hot topics that attract a lot of attention and
provoke divided opinions. The EasyJet company also followed this idea when it advertised its new flights with the slogan “nationals out”.

A provocative step, but one that struck a chord with many people. So, at the moment (30.06.2017), the post counts more than 2300 “likes”, over 300 comments and has been shared more than 255 times.

As expected, the comments are of a mixed nature. Many people are happy about the casual contact and the humorous side blow against the anti-immigration slogan “foreigners out”, which is often used by right-wing oriented groups. Others call the marketing process “tasteless” and “cheap.”

However, all these designs have one thing in common: they are under the post. And with that, the airline’s goal was achieved. A
really clever, albeit risky, move that has attracted a lot of attention and thus a not inconsiderable increase in corporate popularity.

Update: We have removed one example upon request.

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